1. Disclaimer/Authors
2. Features
3. Introduction
4. Usage
5. Configuration
6. Debugging tools
7. UNIX gurus
8. Stack techniques
9. Known bugs
10. Contact me
11. Get 1.34
12. Get 1.2 (stable)
13. PDF manual
14. WinCE patch for 1.2
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1.1. Disclaimer

I am NOT responsible for any damages this causes to your computer, company, fame, payroll, etc. I am releasing my humble efforts to the public so that some programmer's life gets a little easier. If it leads you on a wild goose chase and you waste two weeks debugging something, too bad. If you can't deal with the above, please don't use the software! I've written this in an attempt to help other people, not to get myself sued or prosecuted.

1.2. Authors

HeapCheck was coded based on the brilliant ideas of Bruce Perens, author of Electric Fence (UNIX). After an initial implementation made by Thanassis Tsiodras, a steady flow of patches quickly pumped it up to version 1.2, where it stayed for a couple of years, happily locating bugs. Eugene Exarevsky was kind enough to submit a Windows CE patch, and recently, Mike Diack made the code cleaner and better documented. Keep the patches coming, everyone!

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