1. Disclaimer/Authors
2. Features
3. Introduction
4. Usage
5. Configuration
6. Debugging tools
7. UNIX gurus
8. Stack techniques
9. Known bugs
10. Contact me
11. Get 1.34
12. Get 1.2 (stable)
13. PDF manual
14. WinCE patch for 1.2
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HeapCheck 1.34

Thanassis Tsiodras, Dr.-Ing

HeapCheck is a Debugging Library for Win32 environments. What sets it apart from other heap-debugging libraries is its ability to pinpoint invalid read accesses to the heap, not just heap corruptions. It also detects memory leaks and reports memory usage statistics. Access checks are done through the paging hardware of your CPU, and don't introduce any CPU overhead. HeapCheck debug versions run at almost the same speed as normal debug versions - with performance hits noticeable only when allocating and deallocating.
HeapCheck in action

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