1. Disclaimer/Authors
2. Features
3. Introduction
4. Usage
5. Configuration
6. Debugging tools
7. UNIX gurus
8. Stack techniques
9. Known bugs
10. Contact me
11. Get 1.34
12. Get 1.2 (stable)
13. PDF manual
14. WinCE patch for 1.2
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2. Features

HeapCheck is a Win32 Debugging Allocator with the following features:

  1. Detection of invalid read/write accesses to memory allocated with heap functions.
    Let me stress this out: READ as well as write accesses!
  2. Detection of memory leaks
  3. Detection of invalid read/write accesses to freed memory.
  4. Thread safe.
  5. File/Line info reporting, based on imagehlp.dll
  6. A GNU license (which means that it's free - read GnuLicense)
If you are eager to check it out, go to the Usage section. Just make sure you eventually read everything, or you'll be missing some goodies (like the ones in section Stack techniques).
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